Discovering Saucy Love?

And so continues the third installment of monthly album reviews continuing with the month of May. Thank you to all the rioters who have been on my back about getting this blog rolling again. The month of May was full of great albums and historical moments in music (NKOTBSB bitches!!).

Did anyone go to this concert? I'm so jealous, but I want you to tell me all about it!

I’ll begin with J.Lo and her hot new album LOVE? There was an uncertainty about the release of this album since her split from Sony Music Entertainment with the flop of her single “Louboutins.” But after signing with Island Def Jam Records, the 41year old (I couldn’t believe it either) and now American Idol judge came out with a few viral videos for some of the songs off her album and they were back on. I’ve been a Jennifer Lopez fan since Waiting For Tonight” but the release of this album was a bit of a let down for me even though I was thoroughly excited with the leak of “Hypnotico” and the debut of her single “On The Floor featuring Pitbull.” Nonetheless, it has a few good songs including “I’m Into You featuring Lil Wayne.” Jenny from the Block was never really good at capturing any sort of gritty emotions on a record, she’s better circling around tracks for clubs while shaking your booty to Latin dance sequences and cruising at night with your windows down while wearing your most fashionable pieces.

I don’t know if any of you watch SNL, but The Lonely Island released their second album Turtleneck & Chain and it is absolutely hilarious. With absurd-funny lyrics from “We’re Back” and “Jack Sparrow” to comical themed songs with other well-known artists like “MotherLover featuring Justin Timberlake” “I Just Had Sex featuring Akon,” “Shy Ronnie 2 featuring Rihanna” and “The Creep featuring Nicki Minaj.” Adam Samberg and comedy writers Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone are guaranteed to keep entertained with quotable laughs.

Beastie Boys just released their album Hot Sauce Committee, Part Two. Beastie fans know there was a continuous delay in the release of Part One because MCA was battling cancer, but two years later they released Part Two with Part One’s track list with new cover art (that should make up for it). Three decades later and the releasing of any sort of album by them is purely amazing. BBoys are old school alternative hip hop at it’s finest with lyrics that make no sense whatsoever but are great to jam to include “Make Some Noise,” and the well known track from Skate 3 “Lee Majors Come Again.” Nas and Santigold collaborated with the BBoys in two other great songs “Too Many Rappers featuring Nas” and “Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win.” An absolute must-see video is the mini-movie/music video called “Fight For Your Right (Revisited).” Not convinced that the Beastie Boys are anything special? Ask any comedian… starring Seth Rogen, Elijah Wood, Danny McBride, Will Ferrell, Jack Black, John C. Reilly and more. EPIC.

Matthew Morrison's self-titled album, Beastie Boys' Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, The Lonely Island's Turtleneck & Chain, and Death Cab for Cutie's Codes and Keys

Speaking of old school, Raphael Saadiq is back with his new album called Stone Rollin’. He performed his new album at the ESPYs recently and in my opinion did an amazing job.  His whole inspiration for his fourth album was his live performances so he produced an album with a tenacious sound that makes you feel like you’re listening to a vinyl soul album from the 50s. He’s got his own old school soul/blues/R&B to his songs and a new look to go with it! Tailored old fashioned suits (Yes, he wears double breasted coats and flared trousers!) with pops of color and hipster glasses. So stylish! All his songs have a great oldies-vibe to them and will probably want to make you bust out dance moves from your grandparents generation while listening to “Radio,” and “Stone Rollin’.” Saadiq’s deeper side is truly showcased in Good Man,”  which in my opinion, is top contender in the heartfelt songs category. It’s a song many men (and women) can relate to and Raphael sings it oh so well.

Another of my top favorites for this month is a London born UK based rapper and you might know him from the VEVO Lift videos on YouTube as Tinie Tempah. This man is my ultimate summer lover this year (Last year it was Drake, but he’s fell off the wagon!). Just releasing his album Disc-Overy in the US, he hit the charts with “Written In The Stars featuring Eric Turner” and quickly gained popularity.  It’s a great song, but it’s just a taste of what his whole album sounds like.  Filled with space-y sounding hip hop/pop tracks, this album is perfect for night outs and working out at the gym. My favorite track that I play over and over while racing on the elliptical is “Pass Out” and it’s a great music video.  I just like looking at him in his fitted graphic tees and “crazy sun protectors!” He’s another guy that sports hipster readers and looks oh-so-amazing doing it. Alright, I should stop myself… continyou guys should definitely check out his new video with Wiz Khalifa called “Till I’m Gone” and probably just listen to the rest of his album because if I list all his good tracks I’m going to be recommending all of them.

The emo-sounding group Death Cab For Cutie released their seventh album Codes and Keys. They changed up their sound adding a little alternative and pop to their indie rock guitar-based songs like with “You Are A Tourist,” which gives them a newer vibe since their last album didn’t get much rave by their fans. I would listen to Death Cab if all I wanted to do was lay on bed and stare at the ceiling. Nonetheless, I know some of you are probably fans and they’re going to be performing near the end of August at the UIC Pavilion.

All you Glee fans, don’t bother with Matthew Morrison‘s self-titled album.  It’s just a bunch of covers.  I know he’s adorable and an extremely sexy actor for a adolescent/adult musical show… but it’s no excuse. It sucks.

Lady Gaga's Born This Way, Tinie Tempah's Disc-Overy, Raphael Saadiq's Stone Rollin', and Jennifer Lopez's LOVE?

You know what doesn’t suck? Born This WayLady Gaga‘s third album not to mention with a much anticipated release date. To me, it was a bit of a let down, not because Gaga has went off the deep end into the ocean of passion for the expression of art, but because some of the songs were just not as playable as in her last two albums. Definitely more edge. Definitely more grit. But, this album was a major creative overload because I’m still trying to pull it apart and understand it. She even stated in GagaVision #43 that, “the creative process is approximately 15 minutes of vomiting my creative ideas in the form of core progressions and melodies and some sort of theme, lyric, idea… it all happens in this 15 minute regurgitation of my thoughts and feelings. And then I spend days, months, weeks, years fine-tuning…” I don’t believe she spent a long time “fine-tuning” her songs because it still sounds like vomit. Good vomit, but circling an album on a bunch of songs with different themes and ideas makes it sound muddled. It’s like she wanted to be a monstrous gothic bisexual hooker from the 80s with a strong case of spiritual confusion.  I was really taken by “Born This Way” because of it’s uplifting lyrics and amazing closet dancing beat (no pun intended). I was still pretty impressed with “Judas” because the whole song was a metaphor about dealing with addictions and things you can’t pull away from, like a notorious bad romance. But when it came to “The Edge Of Glory,” it looked like she wanted her Madonna moment… or maybe it was simply her “ode” to the original pop diva. Despite all the “vomit” her songs are full of loud music and catchy hooks, and if you’re into Gaga it shouldn’t be a problem. One thing is for sure, Lady Gaga never lets the public down when it comes to strange and bizarre behavior, it’s just this time I think she relied too much on her persona to give her inspiration. I definitely respect her as an artist and a walking self-muse, she is a one of those artists who stands behind her art work regardless of how you feel about it. She concluded her statement in GagaVision #43 by disclosing, “…the IDEA is to HONOR your VOMIT.” Whatever you say Gaga… as graphic and frankly accurate as that affirmation is, I hope the next time you clean it up a little bit. 😉

What did you listen to this month?

3 Responses to “Discovering Saucy Love?”
  1. pamela says:

    am i the only one tired of lady gaga like come on give us a break with that annoying voice of yours

  2. rachel says:

    lmao pamela did ivan bring u here

  3. Anonymous says:

    this is the best blog ive seen in quite a long time

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