Europe Bound

Those of you who follow me on Twitter know I’ve been raving about my upcoming expedition to Europe. I’ve been over excited about the whole trip, but for the longest time, I’ve had Traveler’s Block. It’s equivalent to Writer’s Block, and yes I don’t know what to take or pack. So I sit here by my suitcase intending to give you advice on summer travel instead of actually taking it… Call me a hypocrite. Who are we kidding, I’ve been shopping like a crazed elderly woman on Black Friday today and I’ve been following these simple tips for the fashionable traveler whose plan for travel is to play it by ear.

Statement Necklaces, Crossbody Bags, Espadrilles, Maxi Tank Dresses, Colorful Cardigans, and a few summer travel looks to get inspiration. Don't you love the Matthew Williamson for H&M Dress? It's a few years old, but it's so Sex and the City 2!

Tip 1. Pack Light
Not a light suitcase per se, more like light weather clothing (although that might make traveling or backpacking easier for you if that’s what you’re doing). It’s hot and gorgeous wherever you’re going, and more than likely you’ll be going to a beach or doing touristy things that tourists do. Wear light clothing that is easy to move around in and can be easily taken off… if you know what I mean.

Tip 2. Pack Layers
This goes along with the first tip because as you may be going somewhere warm, you might encounter special clothing rules (like visiting a cathedral) or you may be subjected to harsh air-conditioning (depending if where you’re staying is tourist friendly or not). Whatever the case might be, make sure you take a long sleeve shirt, cardigan, or a light blazer because more often than not, there might be a cool night.

Tip 3. Pack Accessories
The more accessories you have, the more it will be easier for you to change an outfit from a long day of site-seeing to an entertaining nightlife experience whether it be dinner or dancing… or both! Besides, haven’t you heard the saying, “Accessories make the outfit!”

Tip 4. Pack Colors
Of course you’ll be taking white, black, and some neutrals, but spice it up wit some pops of color! Mix and match! Go ahead, be bold, be stylish, be fashionable. Make sistah SS proud! 😉

Tip 5. Pack Sensible
Spend your time soaking up local culture in a stylish way while keeping your sense. Women can carry a cross-body bag and men can try bringing a version of the fanny-pack back. Women should pack a pair of versatile wedges and flat sandals and men should make sure they keep a pair of day-to-night sneakers and comfortable leather dress shoes. Keep in mind the things you will probably or possibly be doing so you can be prepared for your excursion.

And not to rain on your parade, but it never hurts to pack an umbrella.

So with all these fabulous tips that make up an awesome travel bag, you can get pumped to go on an that amazing summer trip you’ve been planning for.

Bon Voyage lovers! Don’t forget your toothbrush!

6 Responses to “Europe Bound”
  1. Nike says:

    Wonderful article! Really the best site. Content is real attractive.

  2. ivan says:

    love u found fashion tips to leave the country, all along i thought u were a trendsetter but everything always looks perfect cause i guess u wear the clothes unlike most who let the clothes wear them

  3. joel says:

    Wow I have always wanted to go to Europe I know it had to be great

  4. I love you for this article! I honestly never know what to pack & i end up stuffing my whole closet into one suitcase! This really helped!

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