Borgia Revelations

I’m officially back from vacation ūüė• Fortunately for you guys, I’m back to writing again. I’ve had this post saved as a draft for months and didn’t realize I should finish it up and post it until I was in Europe. One of the places I visited was Mallorca, and island off the coast of Spain. It’s a gorgeous island full of glamourous vacationers from all over Europe just spending their time near the water shopping or sailing. One place I visited immediately made me think about this draft I hadn’t published. It was a 14th century old fortress called Bellver Castle that had marvelous views over all of the city of Palma and its bay. Walking inside¬†immediately¬†made me think about the well-known game I know most of you have played or at least heard of. Assassin’s Creed. The architecture of the soaring towers had me imagining how amazing it would be to play some sexy Spanish character while he climbed Gothic arches and swung beneath ribbed-vaults.

It’s a known fact by now that Assassin’s Creed: Revelations is on its way to gamers’ shelves on November 15th. The AC brand has taken the epitome of gaming and turned it into a historical experience with their tagline being “History is Our Playground. Join Us.” The story began with the legendary Altair, a master assassin fighting in the time of the Crusades uncovering ancient secrets. In Assassin’s Creed II the torch has been passed to Ezio Auditore, a young Firenze who entered the world of the assassins during the time of the Renaissance. In Brotherhood, the most recent chapter in Ezio’s life, he battled against corruption in Rome. Now in Revelations, the mission continues at a time in Ezio’s life where he is on a personal quest searching for the ancient secrets that Altair was revealing. With a new single-player mission, multiplayer characters, weapon capacity upgrades, original soundtrack, and a short animated film… this can be considered my early Christmas present!

Besides my obvious excitement for the new game this winter, I’ve finished watching season one of SHOwtime’s newest original series The Borgias. It is everything it has been hyped up to be with a rating of four stars and six Emmy nominees including Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series. When I first saw the sneak peeks of the television show, I was thrilled that I would be learning more about the scandalous family through gaming and television. I know what you’re thinking, how much real history can I learn through drama, but joking aside, what better way to learn than through entertainment? They have to keep historical events the same, but in the mean time you get to see Jeremy Irons play the infamous Rodrigo Borgia and other characters from the game like Machiavelli and of course the notorious Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia as they all interact using their wicked seduction to amass power, influence, and wealth while they indulge themselves in debauchery.

Have you guys ever travelled somewhere that made you think about something you watched or played?

4 Responses to “Borgia Revelations”
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  2. Peter Plowden says:

    Your presentation is amazing. I am looking forward for your next post!

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  4. Jacob Levy says:

    this is sooo awesomeee I’ve always been fascinated about the Borgias:)

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