Paranormal Activity 3

Halloween. The mark of the beginning of the most festive time of year and the turn from fall into winter. Not to mention, the sugar highs everyone will be on tonight and the stomach aches and hangovers we will all have tomorrow. Whether you’re dressing up in a costume or as something you’re not or passing out packaged cavities to little toddlers or teens that hang around outside after 9pm, it’s definitely a night to watch a horror flick. You might decide to watch a classic thriller, a gory freak show, a religiously evil manifestation, or an exhibition of the supernatural. This year, I went with the last and decided to watch Paranormal Activity 3… by myself.

How many more movies will they add to the PA series? (FYI, we never really discovered how the activity actually began in PA3)

To get in gear for the hopefully “frightening” night, I watched the first two prequels at home, alone, and in the dark. The thing about watching scary movies for the second time takes the thrill out of them, since you already know what’s coming. Regardless, I thought the concept for the PA series were clever because it bases its story off of the uncertain and the unknowing, which leaves viewers unable to sleep at night since everyone’s primal instinctual fear is always wondering if the house is really creaking or if it’s something unearthly.

With the story-line starting off in 1988 and two little girls befriend an unseen entity, PA3 is an account of the demonic disturbances that led up to the decisive events in PA1 and PA2. Following an earlier timeline, one thing I definitely liked was the cinematography as they used out of date cameras to get an older feel for the home videos, and something about vintage just… screams. Particularly, the acting of some of the characters in Part One and especially in Part Two were mediocre for something that was supposed to be portrayed as real and believable. I will give the casting managers credit for finding some decent actors to play the little girls Kristy and Katie in PA3… little girls always freak me out (remember The Ring?). Unfortunately even with suitable actors, the problem with movie franchises is that the plot is always recycled, leaving the film slightly less ineffective than its prequels.

Although with an interesting and new plot everyone was anticipating, there were definitely some downfalls in addition to the very predictable and bizarre ending. Fooling the masses with a fearful “teaser” trailer filled with clips that weren’t even in the theatrical cut made this film extremely unsatisfying. I’m hoping the director’s cut will have some of the more climactic scenes from the trailer and the movie might make more sense once it hits DVD shelves. PA3 left out a great deal of details everyone was hoping to get answered, especially about who exactly sold their soul to have a specific demon terrorize generations of families (let’s not forget the unresolved whereabouts of Katie!). It might be the franchise’s way of creating more Paranormal Activity in the future (no pun intended).

What are your thoughts on the movie? Were you terrified? Do you hope there’s more to come?

3 Responses to “Paranormal Activity 3”
  1. Nice review – sounds like they’re really milking this one!

  2. Gigitygigitygoo says:

    Haven’t seen it yet but I always like enjoying watching these movies with friends to laugh at the f***ed up parts. I like the review though I beileve that it’s a fun time regardless of unanswered questions.

    Looking forward to new posts!

  3. CMrok93 says:

    Definitely better than the second one and even though it’s a little bit of the same thing around again, it still is totally freaky and has so many chilling moments that will stay in your mind forever. Good review.

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