Thank You

During this festive week, families are flocking together, grocery stores are stocked for the hoards of turkey-lovers grabbing last minute items, and The Food Network repeats every Thanksgiving episode ever aired. And when the table is set, and the turkey is pulled out of the oven, the family gathers around and takes turns saying what … Continue reading

Europe Bound

Those of you who follow me on Twitter know I’ve been raving about my upcoming expedition to Europe. I’ve been over excited about the whole trip, but for the longest time, I’ve had Traveler’s Block. It’s equivalent to Writer’s Block, and yes I don’t know what to take or pack. So I sit here by … Continue reading

At The Moment…

Hello lovely friends, I’ve become quite distant from what I originally started this blog for, not to mention I have not been consistent with it either. To get back on track, I’m adding monthly favorites that I’m currently obsessed with and base my inspiration off of. I’ll give you a monthly round-up in the end. … Continue reading

21 Fatal Lasers

Since last night I’ve been getting ready for Britney Spears‘ new album Femme Fatale by dancing like a crazy woman screaming “It’s Britney, BITCH!” to innocent people passing by.  Every song on there makes you want to just get up and dance, but to be truthful, that’s the case with all of her albums.  Being … Continue reading

Giving Back Without Paying a Dime!

Hello my lovers! I have some exciting news about how we all can give back to charity and not even pull money out of our pockets (although I think that if you have the extra cash you should put it to good use and give to where it’s needed). Basically, all you have to do … Continue reading

Quick note!

Hello everyone, I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything for you to read yet.  Since life just likes to seize you at any moment, I’ve been very MIA.  Despite that, I’ve been getting many bright ideas lately for things to write about.  Also, I have a lot of things that have been waiting for some editing, … Continue reading

Will you be my…

Valentine’s Day. I’m technically not celebrating, but I’ll accept bouquets or sweets if they come my way!  Honestly, all I see is unnecessary PDA, tacky paraphernalia, and people wearing shades of red like it’s not obvious.  For now, I’ll give you all the benefit of the doubt… maybe it’s fashion?  If that’s so, it better … Continue reading

Hello world!

I’ve been wanting to start a blog of my own for what it seems like ages.  So, after a few good friends urged me to pick up my act I finally decided to just start one.  I will be blogging about a lot of different topics, most of them artistically related because I’m a creative … Continue reading